Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chronology of violence in Palestine: what the US media does not cover

From Fatima:  "18 Nov Palestinians kill 4 Israelis in synagogue in Jerusalem
17 Nov Evening Israelis hanged Palestinian bus driver in Jerusalem
16 Nov Morning Israeli settlers storm Aqsa mosque
13 Nov Israel allows prayer in Aqsa with restrictions
11 Nov Israelis strip Palestinian women of her head scarf on a bus
9 Nov Israel police assassinates Kheir Aldeen after hitting police car -Israeli soldiers enter the Aqsa with guns and gas bombs
5 Nov Israel attacks moslem women worshippers entering the mosque
4 Nov Israel opens Aqsa with many restrictions
30 Oct Israel closes Aqsa mosque to all prayers
24 Oct Israeli soldiers kill Orwa 14 year old in Silwad
19 Oct Israeli settlers take control of 2 Palestinian residential building in Silwan
16 Oct Israeli soldiers kill Bahaa 13 year old in Bet Liqia
14 Oct Israeli settlers set Mosque in Aqraba on fire".