Thursday, October 30, 2014

Turkey and ISIS

From Eyal in 1948 Palestine:

A group of 3 soldiers approaching a fence and having some altercation/exchange with some militants on the other side - even if these are ISIS people - that video is practically meaningless. There's no context in time (what happened before and after) and no context in space.

Now, blaming the rise of IS on your political opponents seems to have become a national sport: They're the creations of Assad; they are secretly encouraged and funded by Iran; the US wanted them to pick up all those tanks and weapons; It's all Saudi money; Turkey's secretly pleased that they're harassing the Kurds are pressuring them into an anti-Assad front; etc.

I don't think Turkey being supportive of IS makes much sense, but even if it did, I'd expect much more serious evidence and not post a link to the video."  What can I say, he is right.