Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What do we know about Prince `Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd: who was ambushed in Paris

I am hearing that the ambush in Paris aimed at kidnapping and not armed robbery but I have not confirmed that.  The Prince is the most powerful among the sons of Fahd by virtue of his wealth. The King has clipped his political wings as he was removed from the Council of Ministers, which was at the insistence of his father.  Fahd was at a fortune teller long time ago when the prince as a child. The fortune teller told him that `Abdul-`Aziz (`Azzuz is the pet name) is a good omen for him and will bring him good fortune. The super-superstitious king decided to keep the prince at his side, even at formal functions at Buckingham Palace, to the consternation of British protocol officials. The prince as a result did not get much of an education and you can review his Arabic tweets for that.  He was known for partying and jet setting.  He was an addict of the TV show, Baywatch, and developed an obsession with the actress Yasmeen Bleeth.  He spent a fortune (far more than what the Saudi government spent on Gaza) on Bleeth in the hope of romancing her.  In recent year, the prince changed ways and became a religious nut: he has been sponsoring a variety of TV Salafite channels that agitated for the Syrian Jihadi cause.  Enjoy him, please. He is one of US closest allies in the region.