Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"We burned this boy alive and then we got depressed": that Israeli anguish factor

From Nidal: "You regularly point to the fact that, every time they commit war crimes, the Israelis and their propagandists have to talk about their anguish and their inner suffering.

Here you go: Haaretz dedicates the title and the last words of its article about the killers of Abou Khdeir to… them regretting, beign “compassionate Jews” and being “depressed”: “Chief suspect in Abu Khdeir murder : We regretted the killing afterward.”

«Next, the three drove to Sachar Park, where they destroyed evidence by burning their clothing. Then they drove to the home of a customer to deliver a pair of glasses from Ben-David’s store. Ben-David claims that at this stage they felt remorse for their actions. “I was in shock … We’re Jews, we have a heart. Afterward we talked about it and … each one poured his heart out and we regretted doing it. I told them … this is not for us. We erred, we’re compassionate Jews, we’re human beings. Then we got depressed.”»

Honestly, I really cannot understand how one can print the declaration of someone who has just burned alive a 16 years old boy, and not at least add a phrase introducing a minimal distanciation with this. "