Thursday, March 27, 2014

The official statement of the Arab Summit: the Mayotte Island

I actually (purely as homework and without a hint of enjoyment) have been reading the full texts of Arab summits for years (since my early youth).  I read the Kuwait summit statement, the press accounts won't tell you that this was part of the statement (my translation):  "We reaffirm our full concern for the the national unity of the United Comoros Republic and its territorial integrity and national sovereignty, and we we reaffirm the Comoros identity of the Mayotte islands, and our rejection for the French occupation of it.  We call on the French government to return the Mayotte island to Comoros sovereignty, and urge donor countries and the Arab and international funding institutions to provide aid to development programs in Comoros."  Word for word, I swear.  I would cut off my toe if any Arab leader ever discussed the plight of the occupied Mayotte island with French leaders.