Saturday, March 01, 2014

Obama is outraged about Russian intervention in the Ukraine--and he is not kidding: the true defintion of imperialism

This is what imperialism is all about: to give yourself the right to intervene in far away places and to project power in every corner of the globe, including the arctic, and to disregard world public opinion.  Imperialism is to have the temerity to lecture and hector Russia about the evils of intervention in the affairs of its neighbor, Ukraine, where the US and EU are blatantly conspiring against Russian interests there.  Imperialism is not only, the highest stage of capitalism, it is the worst and most savage forms of capitalism.  Obama sends drones around the world to kill people, including Americans, who have never been put on trial and yet sounds like a peaceful dove when offering lessons to Russia.  Basically the US is objecting to attempts by Russia to play a smaller and even far less aggressive version of its own world game.  Obama has not noticed what century we are living in.