Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is left out of the dispatches of Anne Barnard in the New York Times

Yesterday, Anne Barnard wrote a long article in which she expressed her great amusement to scenes of supporters of the Syrian exile opposition hounding and yelling obscenities at officials of the Syrian regime in Geneva.  As always in the Syria coverage in the Times (and the Post) you only get half of the picture only--or even less.  She does not tell you, that supporters of the Syrian regime are also hounding officials of the exile Syrian opposition (but with no obscenities in this link).  In this link, a journalist who is supportive of the Syrian regime, merely asked questions to the head of the Syrian opposition delegation, and his response? He called on "security" to come and remove her merely because she was asking him (rather politely) questions that he did not like to answer.   Kid you not.  This segment aired yesterday on New TV in Lebanon.