Saturday, January 04, 2014

The mystery of the death of the Palestinian ambassador in Prague

I have been following this story closely it raises many questions especially given the confusion in the media coverage.  Today, I received a message from a journalist in the Czech Republic.  It said:  "You quoted ambassador´s daughter, but I´m watching this "mystery" closely and there´s more strange things going on. For example, when Czech police started to investigate the blast, which occured just before the noon on Wednesday, Palestinian foreign ministry in Ramallah -- in on or two hours -- issued statement saying it was explosion of security mechanism in old and unused safe. I´ve been reading this to palestinian embassy spokeman while he was standing in front of the embassy knowing nothing about what happened. Foreign minister Mr. Malki called ambassador Jamal "the martyr" and send immediately "delegation" to Prague to "help the investigation". These people arrived around 6 pm, but there are no direct flights from Tel Aviv to Prague during the day (just over night) and the flight last around five hours, it means no one can make it even with let´s say transfer in Frankfurt or in some other big hub...

Then there´s is question of safes. First it was explosion of old safe due to mishandling, then there appeared another and freqently used safe, then both safes were used daily, or both were not used for decades... Perplexing. And no one is asking why the explosive device in the safe (aimed for destroying documents inside) would be so powerfull to kill someone outside?
Then there is a stranege question of guns -- since the beginning Czech mainstream media, which are mainly proisraeli biased, are mentioning "a great cahe" of guns found in the embassy, apparently "enough for ten fighters". After two days Czech police started to talk about guns as well, but it looks like no one saw the weapons actually.
And now ambassador´s daughter is saying that death of her father "was not an accident". Czech state´s official policy is strongly proIsrael and Czech Police said just after two or three hours of "investigation", that ambassador´s death was an accident and it seems they are in no mood to change their mind.
Lot of questions without proper and logical answers... We shall see,  what will happen next...

and today "palestinian delegation" came to Prague. Second one? Maan now don´t mention the first one, instead it writes about "The Dutch deputy foreign minister" who "updated Undersecretary to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry Taayseer Jaradat and his delegation regarding recent findings". What the Dutchman is doing here???..:-)"