Friday, January 24, 2014

Hariri tribunal and the wrong cellphone numbers

New TV has been airing reports about cellphone numbers used by the Hariri tribunal to track the alleged killers of Rafiq Hariri.  Some of those cellphone numbers actually belong to current users.  The court was compelled to issue a statement saying that one cellphone number was in fact erroneous but that this was due to a misprint. But New TV pointed out other erroneous cellphone numbers and yesterday issued a report that shows that the court confused Mustafa Badr Ad-Din with Mustafa Izz-id-Din, and when stupid mistakes like that appear I always suspect Israeli experts consulted in the case.  Of course, none of the corruption (financial and otherwise) about the court have been written about in the Western press. The Western press is satisfied writing regular articles about how sad Sa`d Hariri has been about losing his father.