Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dieudonné, yet again

"Ibn Rushd" in Paris sent me this:  [He is] definitely [an anti-Semite], and he's a businessman making a lot of money out of it.  But he's still very popular among French Muslim Youth

Dieudonné translates as "godsent" and he's is indeed a gift to the Zionists who have successfully used him to discredit antizionism itself. Now you can no longer say that you're an "antizionist" in France because far too many genuine antisemites masquerade as "antizionists", sometimes saying things like "Zionists killed Christ" etc  In his youth, he wasn't an antisemite. It started when he was denied funding for a movie about slavery. He felt it was a conspiracy to maintain "jewish monopoly on suffering" and he started palling around with downright nazis like a fellow named Alain Soral, who also exploits the Palestinian cause to gain the sympathy of uneducated young folks.  These guys are the worst thing that happened to the Palestinian cause in decades".