Friday, December 27, 2013

The Washington Post is outraged over the personality cult of Mao in China

"Mao’s home town of Shaoshan has spent $320 million in preparation — renovating historical sites and museums, organizing galas, and building new roads and other infrastructure. "  In the US, the Bush's presidential library's cost is around $500 million.   Again, this about Mao:  "In addition to that unavoidable portrait overlooking Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, he appears on most of China’s bank notes, is invoked countless times a day in party speeches and remains a staple of state-sponsored TV dramas and movies." I can understand the outrage of the Washington Post: in the US, they never have portraits of the founding fathers, and they never build statues for them and I can't imagine that they would carve the faces of their leaders on mountains or imprint them on currency.  That would never happen here in the US.