Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gulen on Israel

Joe Lauria, UN correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, wrote me this about Gulen and Israel:  "I was the first American reporter to interview Fethullah Gülen.  The NYT reported two weeks ago that his remark to me supporting Israel in the Mavi Marmara was the beginning of his break with Erdogan, which has now broken out into open warfare. I don't know about his relationship with Zionism...
Here is my interview with Gülen:  "Imam Fethullah Gülen, a controversial and reclusive U.S. resident who is considered Turkey's most influential religious leader, criticized a Turkish-led flotilla for trying to deliver aid without Israel's consent.
Speaking in his first interview with a U.S. news organization, Mr. Gülen spoke of watching news coverage of Monday's deadly confrontation between Israeli commandos and Turkish aid group members as its flotilla approached Israel's sea blockade of Gaza. "What I saw was not pretty," he said. "It was ugly.Mr. Gülen said organizers' failure to seek accord with Israel before attempting to deliver aid "is a sign of defying authority, and will not lead to fruitful matters."""