Saturday, December 07, 2013

Apology to my Al-Akhbar (Arabic and English) readers

Regarding my critique of the new draft of the Egyptian constitution which appeared today in Al-Akhbar (and earlier in an English shorter version in Al-Akhbar English), I received this message from an Egyptian jurist (and I am very grateful to her):  "In regard of post on the currently proposed Egyptian constitution, you do not seem to have analyzed the latest 2013 draft, but instead mistakenly analyzed the 2012 draft that got approved by referendum during Morsi's tenure then abrogated this summer.
Here are the links:

2012 draft (later adopted as the 2012 constitution):
2013 draft (currently proposed constitution):"

PS I am fully responsible for the mistake and blame a certain rashness in my personality.  It is one of some 14 or so flaws.