Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, again: the Lebanese Left

I have written about this foundation before and about its goal of bringing "understanding" between Arabs and the Zionist entity.  And I wrote that it sponsored the release of a book by Husayn Ya`qub, titled Yasar Lubnan (The Left of Lebanon).  I was thrilled at first thinking that finally there is a book about the Lebanese Left. I have finished reading it and I have a long critique of it next Saturday in Al-Akhbar: but I will just say that it is a right-wing reactionary account of the Lebanese Left written by one of the members of the Movement of Democratic Left (which is a small shop--now defunct--formed and funded by the Hairri family.  I now know why the normalizers of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation sponsored the publication of this book.  Even the Western Left--or particularly the Western left--is suspect.  You may see the name of a foundation using the name of Karl Marx and may be merely a front for Zionist likudniks.