Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Explosion in Beirut

The war advances but it has a shortcoming: one side, Saudi Arabia and its agents in Syria and Lebanon eagerly wants it, with the other side it is more complicated: the Syrian regime wants the war to expand into Lebanon but Iran and Hizbullah don't want it althogh within the base of Hizbullah there is strong appetite for it.  The fact that Iran officially accused Israel of responsibility tells you that they still don't want to escalate against Saudi Arabia and avoid direct confrontation with them. Sure Israel may be involved but on the same side with Saudi Arabia and its agents.  What is the difference these days.  It is not clear what dumb policies Iran and Hizbullah are pursuing: they are willing to go all out against Saudi Arabia's agents in Syria but not agianst Saudi Arabia directly or against its agents in Lebanon.  The bombing should be read as invitation by Saudi intelligence to Iran and Hizbullah for a direct confrontation in Lebanon, that would sapp Hizbullah's muscle and energy and comfort Israel.