Sunday, September 08, 2013

Proponents of US bombing of Syria: a comment on motives

Motives of Arab supporters of NATO bombing of Syria are varied: those you see in the media (in the West or the East) are in every single case beneficiaries of Saudi or Qatari money: every one of those people (including some who appear on Democracy Now--believe it or not) are paid propagandists for the Saudi royal family.  All the Arab journalists who appear in US media without one exception are paid propagandists for the Saudi royal family (a few are for the Qatari royal family).  You will be surprised to know how many of the senior members of the Syrian opposition are former supporters of the regime.  I was thinking about the case of a Lebanese academic in France who has suddenly turned in favor of the Free Syrian Army and has signed petitions for US bombing of Lebanon.  This man may be active out of guilt and out of--you guessed it--work for Saudi propaganda apparatus.  This man, I just learned, had worked with Asma' Al-Asad and assisted on preparation for one of her visits to France.  It is an ugly world out there, people.