Monday, September 16, 2013

Another act of fraud by Al-Arabiyya network: photoshopping fingers of a Syrian girl

H. sent me this: "I was reading your 'US puppets' post which linked me to Al Arabiya where I instantly noticed something familiar in the background, I was certain I saw that girl before but different somehow. Then it dawned on me, she was making a victory sign originally, that's 2 fingers and therefore it must be 2 stars so it couldn't have represented the flag of the French Mandate for Syria. After some digging I found my confirmation of the Al Arabiya fraud, not major but perhaps indicative of their work ethics or rather lack thereof.

It's a fairly sloppy job as well which indicates Al Arabiya is responsible and they didn't simply unknowingly use an altered source. The black gradient they added on the left to fade it into the background covers the second finger but not entirely, they didn't adjust the color there, increasing the brightness shows it's still a finger with red tip and a green star."