Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sisi agents in Egypt

As much as I detest the Ikhwan, and as much as I am aware of their danger, and as much as I support Nasser's relatively clean repression of them, and as much as I am aware of the sectarinism of Ikhwan, but I have no doubt that many of the acts of violence against churches and other targets this week were perpetrated by agents of Sisi's secret police:  "There also appeared to be provocateurs. At a pro-Morsi march, two masked men with machine guns seemed to pose as Islamists. First, they seemed to support the march, herding passers-by into its ranks. Then they aimed their guns at the terrified protesters, who fled in fear. “Who are these men with guns?” one woman among the Morsi supporters asked in terror. “Are they with us or with them?”"