Saturday, August 31, 2013

For some reason, dumb Western media still can't believe that there are Sunnis who support the regime

The quality of foreign coverage in US media is so dumb that they can't deviate from their dogmatic false assumptions, no matter what.  But what do you expect from media that can't tell Lebanon from Libya.  The other night, I was watching CNN and the anchor woman said that here we go to our correspondent across the border from Syria in...Libya.   Kid you not.  In the same segment, the anchorwoman "reported" that the Syrian regime "forced" people to go down to the street and waive Syrian flags.  They just can't believe that there are Syrians of different sects who still support the regime.  I know of Syrian-American professionals (Sunnis) who still support the Syrian regime.  I know of Sunnis here in the US who were opposed to Asad but who switched in support of the regime after they visited Syria in the last year and learned first hand about the crimes and theft of the armed groups there.  Why can't you believe that?   Look at this dispatch from Reuters carried by Anne Barnard in the Times:  "Reuters reported Friday that many Sunni conscripts have been effectively imprisoned on bases because they are not trusted, leaving them vulnerable, too."  This statement is so dumb. The country is so out-of-control now and no Sunni is held against his well on the side of the regime. They can leave if they want to.  And notice the trickle rate of defection (and no senior defectors except the former prime minister and Mr. Tlas): for whatever reasons, even if you don't like it, the regime has popular base of support, as does the Iranian regime, but that is a different story.