Monday, July 29, 2013

Repression in Ramallah

From a reader: "I am sending  you this video to show the extent of suppression that the PA police took yesterday against the PFLP protest against return to negotiations in Ramallah. Kindly keep me anonymous. The police beat up  MP member Khaleda Jarrar of the PFLP and scores of others and took 4 injured men from the hospital for detention. The men were later released in the night after a protest again in front of the police station in the Manara square. The second protest, shortly after the Iftar was marked with (shabiba) Fatah men who tried to cause discord and schisms with the protesters and harassing them saying things like : We have kept our women in the house, bel rouh bel dam nafdeek ya abu Mazen, whereas the protesters called after Palestine: bel rouh bel dam nafdeeki ya flisteen.  Clearly this time around the extreme violence that the PA police used means that the PA does not want any objections to the return to negotiations with Israel and they are inspired by El Sissi's suppression of dissent in Egypt among  the Muslim Brothers. "