Friday, July 05, 2013

Palestinian soccer phenom tortured by Israel

"I was in jail without any charge. When I got out, there was no charge, no accusations, nothing. The Zionist lobby always tries to portray Israel as a civilised country that abides by human rights law – that it's peace-loving and so on. Israel actually asked some European countries not to let me in on the grounds that I’m a “terrorist”. They try to discredit and silence any Palestinian who comes to the surface in the Western media."
How did things progress over the three years of your incarceration?
"The first 45 days were the hardest; there was mental, physical and verbal torture. Then they transferred me to a jail cell with other prisoners for eight months. After that, they called me back for another 12 days of torture and interrogation. It happened three or four times over my imprisonment." (thanks Regan)