Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Khaled Fahmy on US role in Egypt: on the innocence of imperialism

So according to Fahmy, the US government would have acted in support of democracy if it were not for the erroneous reports by the US ambassador in Egypt: "For months now, she has been insisting on a slanted reading of the political scene in Egypt...and giving erroneous accounts to John Kerry about the opposition to President Morsy."  So poor John Kerry.  He would have been in support of democracy in Egypt if it were not for the erroneous reports by Ms. Patterson.   So if Ms. Patterson had sent accurate reports to Kerry, the US would have become a force for revolutionary change in the Arab world.  But it gets even worse:  "Morsy and his Muslim Brotherhood, who have insisted on a disastrous reading of the political map after the revolution and succeeded in fooling Patterson..."  So not only was Kerry fooled by Ms. Patterson, but Ms. Patterson herself was fooled by Morsi.  So if Patterson was not fooled by Morsi, and if Kerry was not fooled by Patterson, the US government would have supported real revolutionary change in Egypt and elsewhere. So this has nothing to do with imperial interests and nothing to do with support for Israel, it is about an innocent power (i.e. the US) being fooled twice.  You read this and exclaim: poor US.  Poor poor US.