Monday, July 01, 2013

Egyptian developments

Worried about Egypt: it does not bode well that the supporters of change and protesters are placing their hopes in the command of the Egyptian Army (the center of foreign powers's intervention in Egyptian and the enforcers of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty).   I also worry that the remnants of Mubarak regime are infiltrating heavily the ranks of the protests, in the media and the leadership.  What is `Amr Musa if not a Mubarak remnant?  I worry that the Saudi-Qatari conflict is also playing in Egypt and therefore Saudi Arabia is attempting to hijack an element of the protests.  I worry that removing Morsi will be easier than removing Sisi and the rest of the military generals, or removing the power of the remnants.  The US is also up to no good in Egypt: as usual, whenever a puppet is about to fall, the US president jumps in and claims that he is in favor of the puppet's respecting the wishes of the people.  The people of Egypt know better: they have been targeting the US ambassador in Egypt in their protests: that the US is an accomplice of the Ikhwan regime, all for the sake of Israel.  But Egypt sets the standards: constant change and instability is the way to go.  Constant change and shifts are what revolutionary momentum is made of.  But there is so much to be done, and the show has just started.  The Ikhwan after one year in power are at their weakest since the days of Nasser. They are finally placed on the defensive.  Their ugly Jihad rhetoric is now exposed as nothing more than secret cooperation with Israel, and their Islamic solution is in fact compounding all the existing problems.  One more year and the people of Egypt will turn all atheists.