Thursday, July 04, 2013

But what about the millions in Egypt?

I really hate this over-used argument to the effect that "millions of Egypt" took to the streets and signed petition.  But democracy--if you want to adhere to its rules that is--is not decided by the streets or by petitions.  It is run according to elections and the various bodies that come out of it.  And does not the Muslim Brotherhood have millions on their side?  What about the millions who supported for Morsi.  Do they count for something at all?  Also, how many of those millions are fulul supporters (don't forget the millions who voted for Shafiq too)?  And why do we have to worship the millions?  How many millions supported Hitler?  Look: I don't care if you argue for the overthrow of the Ikhwan but don't express your arguments in democratic jargon.  It just does not jive.