Saturday, June 01, 2013

Let the propagnada on Qusayr begin (II)

A well-known correspondent for a Western newspaper in the Middle East sent me this: (she/he does not want to be cited):  "FYI spoke to people with info re Qusair yesterday they said most civilians left, those left behind few hundred at most relatives of armed people, women who cook for them etc. true about 600-700 injured but nearly all fighters.   Civilians including wives and children of some fighters had been evacuated long ago, rebels knew offensive was coming and wouldn't keep them inside.  Each advance they made into the town, there were no civilians in houses or streets or neighbourhoods they took over from rebels, so on this basis they assume and conclude there are no civis left.  Note both al-jazeera activist/citizen journo adballah whatever his name is was going on jazeera saying 40,000 civilians inside will be massacred.  Gen Idriss on BBC also wailed 50,000 civilians inside qusair will be knived by Hezbollah, but no one challenged him about the fact that Qusair's etire population is between 30-40ks at most and we know for a fact that majoiryt left before the offensive and during the last year when rebels took hold of the town and several thousands about 5,000 in total left town at start of offensvie (as reported by UN organisation yesterday who visited these displaced families nearby) so how can there be 40 and 50 ks inside as per opposition claims?
BBC instead quoted the figure in its online report.!"