Sunday, May 19, 2013

Qatar and Israel

In 2010, I asked the Emir of Qatar whether it is true that he entered into negotiations with the Israeli hoodlum, Haim Saban, to sell Aljazeera (and hours prior to that meeting, the director-general of Aljazeera, Waddah Khanfar, had denied "the rumor" to me in his office).  He (in the presence of Khanfar) confirmed that it was true but that he was not serious but merely wanted to ease off the pressures of the Bush administration, and was planning to drag the negotiations for years.  The withdrawal of Joseph Massad's article from AJE today only proves this about Qatari foreign policy: that the Emir basically cater to Zionists in order to get close to the US government and to stay a step ahead of Saudi flirtations with House of Saud.  The prostration of Qatari rule before Zionists should be taken into consideration when examining the Qatari role in the Arab counter-revolution especially in Syria.

PS Now, it would not matter of Saban were to buy Aljazeera.  It is damaged good and lost its luster and role.