Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nasrallah's speech

Much to be said but not enough time, especially that I have written a few comments on twitter and Facebook.  I realized today after receiving avalanche of attacks from Hizbullah supporters in cyberspace what I know first hand: supporters of Hizbullah are far thin skinned than Nasrallah, who can handle criticisms even to his face (I know that from my experience).  Anyway, I felt that Nasrallah did not say really much about Syria: as if he felt obliged to speak about it but did not want to, for one reason or another.  But what bothered me about the speech is that he said that the fall of Syria (by which he clearly meant the regime) would result in the "loss of Palestine" among other disasters.  But Palestine is not a wallet to be lost.  It will never be lost, no matter.  If the cause survived the fall of the Nasser regime, it can easily survive the fall of the lousy Asad dynasty.