Sunday, May 19, 2013

Israel and Chinese universities

From my Saudi student source in China:
"I had a long and very fruitful conversation with Prof. X that might be of interest to you regarding Zionist outreach efforts in China. (You can quote but please delete... they can really hurt him.)
He was quite forthcoming since, he admits, he was hoping for someone to come outside the Israeli-Zionist circles and ask him about what they are doing. He added that despite his affiliation with many Zionist groups here, he is pro-Palestinian. However, they still choose to co-opt his name for their projects (like in the 3500 project) and other groups like SIGNAL.
He added that the Zionists have been active in buying scholars since the salaries of scholars in China is quite low which also explains why there has been such a flowering of Israeli studies programs across China (10 had been opened in the last 2 years.) Most institutions and universities had resisted this initially, especially those staffed by an older generation of scholars (Beijing University for instance dosent have one - he resisted opening an Israeli studies program since he saw it for what it is but he suspects one will open as soon as he leaves ) but the new generation is cracking across the board.
A lot of the funding for these programs does not come from the Israeli government but from Zionist groups in the US such as AJC.  An indigenous organization called SIGNAL and headed by a Yale alumni business woman is also doing alot of work in China (they open more programs to get more funding from one David Backer organization in San Francisco.etc.) The rationale behind these program is to fight the so-called 'de-legitimization' campaign globally and influencing the elite in places like India and China.
There is another angle for Zionist advocacy which is occurring through the Christian channels in China. Apparently the Isaeli Tourism Ministry is inviting the leaders of the Christian communities (of the evangelical variety) to visit the Holy Land.  of them end up being very supportive of Israel afterwards.
I have a lot more, but for now, this is sufficient I hope.
I will continue my research and keep you informed."