Tuesday, May 07, 2013

68 Movement in Turkey

From Ali, Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey:
"Yesterday was the 41th anniversary of executions of three revolutionary youth leaders: Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin Aslan and Yusuf Inan.

The three leaders were sentenced to death for violating the Turkish Criminal Code's 146th article, which concerns attempts to "overthrow Constitutional order".

Gezmiş and his friends were parts of 68 movement which had a strong anti-imperalist and anti-zionist position in Turkey. They organized various protest against Turkish-US cooperation including burning down the car of US ambassador.

And they also were strong supporter of Palestinian struggle for liberation. Deniz Gezmiş personally fought against zionist invasion in the ranks of Democratic Front For the liberation of Palestine. And here his ID card.  (The story of 68 movement and Palestinian struggle is interesting. Some leftist students were killed when they were fighting in Palestine or in Lebanon, but nobody knows them.)

Yesterday thousands of stundents marched for showing that they are in the same path with three revolutionary leaders. And they also inaugurated a statute of him in Mimar Sinan University but unfortunately the statue was hijacked by government. Gezmiş's last will was to to drink tea, smoking and listen to Concierto de Aranjuez."