Friday, April 12, 2013

Saudi Arabia follows US orders on opposition to boycott of Israel

"This cable from Wikileaks' Public Library of US Diplomacy is about a meeting in Riyadh in 2010 between a delegation from the US Department of Commerce's Anti-Boycott Office and the Saudi Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade Abdullah al-Hamoudi. The purpose of the meeting is for the US to harass Saudi Arabia into allowing prohibited business requests from foreign companies (prohibited due to them violating the secondary or tertiary boycotts of Israel). The US praises the progress their little puppets have made:

Saudi Arabia's compliance record has improved dramatically from 350 prohibited requests in 1994 to five prohibited requests in 2009.

Then, there's this:

Al-Hamoudi said the Kingdom had eliminated the secondary and tertiary aspects of the boycott, and affirmed that all government and private sector entities must enforce the law.

and this:

Al-Hamoudi emphasized the elimination of secondary and tertiary aspects of the boycott was a Council of Ministers and GCC Summit resolution, "without question, it is the law."

and finally and most shamefully this:

Saudi Arabia only imposes the primary aspect of the boycott, he said, and anecdotally explained that the small Israeli-made fuel filters in General Motors vehicles are acceptable as long as they are not shipped directly as spare parts. " (thanks Joseph)