Monday, April 08, 2013

Kanan Makiya in the Times: please Zionists, don't forget me

Let me summarize the effort for you by this pathetic figure, Kanan Makiya whose intellectual courage over the years has been exemplified by the many pseudonyms that he used to protect his father's business links with Saddam and to protect his own derriere.  How pathetic is this man? Suffice to say that he has been a protege of a man (Ahmad Chalabi) who is now a protege of Muqtada As-Sadr and who serves as Iranian regime's propagandist in the Middle East.  You don't have to read this long tedious piece, so I will summarize: 1) The US invasion of Iraq failed not because of the Americans but because Iraqis are inferior natives and don't share his Zionist Bush vision; 2) the US invasion of Iraq and its occupation inspired the Arab youth, just as Lebanese right-wingers believe that their Hariri-Saudi festival inspired the Arab uprisings; 3) he admits that Arab youth never say that and don't agree with that but he--being smarter than they are--can tell you what they think without them knowing about it.  4) He is really sorry for the American lives lost in the US invasion and occupation but is not sorry about the Iraqi lives. 5) He believes that all Iraqi minds have been deformed by Saddam except his own mind which remains intact. 6) He wants you to know that all Arab youth are Zionists like him and would also like to receive honorary doctorates from Israeli universities.  7) He wants you to know that he remains as pathetic as he was in 2003 and is still proud that he shook hands with his Zionist masters in Washington, DC.  8) He still does not even have a graduate degree in social science (and he did not complete his studies at MIT) but is grateful for the Zionist sponsors who gave him a job at Brandeis purely for his Zionist advocacy.  9) He wants you to know what while no one knows who he is in the Arab world--not even in Iraq--he is quite well-known and liked in Zionist circles.  10) his prostration before Zionist audiences has not diminished over the years.