Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hate crimes against Palestinian students at St. Olaf College in Minnesota

From Stephen:  "Currently I am a phd candidate here in Minnesota, and I'm involved with the Students for Justice in Palestine organizations at both the University of Minnesota and at St.Olaf College. I thought it would interest you to know that there have been hate crimes committed against Palestinian students at St. Olaf College, and it appears that the administration is downplaying as best they can. After the SJP chapter at St. Olaf posted a display for their annual Palestine Awareness Week, 2 large Palestinian flags that were part of the display were stolen. Soon after someone wrote "Death to Gaza" on one of the posters on the display, and several other posters by an SJP member were stolen. Of course the administration of St. Olaf College would never call these acts hate crimes (such as they surely would if an Israeli flag was stolen or if "Death to Israel" was written on a poster), but if the "Death to Gaza" message isn't a hate crime, I don't know what is. Currently they have only sent out an email labeling these acts "incivility." I hope you would be willing to post something about these events. Feel free to use my name."