Thursday, February 21, 2013

The one solved assassination in Lebanon

I was watching the talented reporter/editor (of the Lebanon section) of Al-Akhbar, Hassan `Illeik on New TV.  He made a very good point: that since 2005, there has been only one solved assassination mystery in Lebanon: the assassination of the Majzub brothers (Lebanese leaders in Islamic Jihad organization).  The scheme was uncovered and linked to Mahmud Rafi` and other Israeli agents in Lebanon.  We know all the details and the names of the culprits and some fled to Israel after being exposed.  Yet, this case has not received any coverage: not in the Western press or the Arabic press.  Yet, they want us to believe that they have provided this extensive coverage of Rafiq Hariri's assassination out of pure care and compassion.  Go play in the garden, as we say in Lebanon.