Saturday, February 09, 2013

The New York Times and attacks on vaccine workers

"In a roundabout way, the C.I.A. has been blamed for the Pakistan killings. In its effort to track Osama bin Laden, the agency paid a Pakistani doctor to seek entry to Bin Laden’s compound on the pretext of vaccinating the children — presumably to get DNA samples as evidence that it was the right family. That enraged some Taliban factions in Pakistan, which outlawed vaccination in their areas and threatened vaccinators."  In a roundabout way?  What does that mean?  Also, the paid Pakistani doctor did not only vaccinate Bin Laden's family but he also vaccinated other families in the area.  Thirdly, when you say "that enraged some Taliban factions in Pakistan", are you implying that only the Taliban were enraged or that anyone who dares be outraged has to accused of sympathy with Taliban?