Friday, February 01, 2013

Syrian regime propagandists

Propagandists of the Syrian regime have been unleashing their venom and vulgarities against me for the last few days, just as the propagandists of the Syrian (non)revolution have done over the last many months.   Their main argument is that I am loyal to the Qatari government, no matter how much I reiterate that I am in favor of the overthrow of the Qatari government/dynasty and I am in favor of establishing republics throughout the Gulf region.  This is hilarious: propagandists of the Syrian regime accuse me of loyalty to Qatar while propagandists of the Syrian (non) revolution accuse me of loyalty to the Syrian regime. That does not fly: it is one or the other, and both can't be true.  I say that Qatar is a leader in the Arab counter-revolution alongside Israel/Saudi Arabia/US, and they still insist that I am pro-Qatar.  Those propaganda tactics won't fly with me.  And then there are those who tell me: you can't maintain your stance: you can't oppose both the Syrian regime and its armed opponents and that there is no 3rd way.  To them I say: I am the 3rd way, damn it.