Friday, February 01, 2013

Syrian opposition "activists" lend a hand to Israeli propaganda

From Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey:
"After the Israel attack on Syria, members of the opposition start to contribute the disinformation campaign lead by Zionist media outlets.

"But an opposition activist told the Washington Post that, although there had been two attacks on the centre early on Wednesday, 'we did not hear any airplanes... Unless the airplanes were silenced by some technology. I mean, is it possible for an air fighter to attack at night, and we don't even hear its sound?'" Source:

But they have been trying to convince us, that it was the Assad forces that bombed the Aleppo University with "silent aircrafts".

Zionist media has been claiming that Israel Aircrafts bombed a convoy heading Lebanon and a FSA commander confirmed this story to Reuters. So they help US&UK claiming the real aggressor is Syria which is transferring weapons to Hezbollah."