Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NATO analysis of Hizbullah

"Another “stop reading” moment, when this author claims here in an Al-Monitor piece: “…On the other side, Hezbollah’s own military posture has also substantially shifted in the last decade from a strategy that focused on suicide attacks against IDF’s convoys to one centered on rockets and missiles targeting forces and cities in northern Israel.”
Did this guy miss the July 2006 war completely – or for that matter the whole history of hizbullah-IDF encounters after nasrallah assumed power in 1992? I cant even REMEMBER the last time Hizbullah used a suicide operation against the IDF!!! please someone JOG MY MEMORY….
It does lead me to wonder what Al-Monitor is trying to do by spreading so much cash so widely: the translations are great and helpful but are the analyses worth all the funding it is obviously taking?" (thanks Nicholas)