Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Matthew Levitt's fabrications

From Jerome:  "I hope this message reaches you well. Matthew Levitt testified in the U.S. House of Representatives and you can download the text here. Considering the lack of credible credentials of Levitt in the study of militant groups in the Middle East, I would certainly not advice anybody to read it seriously. Yet I think the following quote is worth mentioning:

"Most startling was the news regarding Muhammad Hisham Muhammad Ismail Abu Ghazala (aka
Mansur/Khadim al-Hussein), a Hamas explosives expert targeted by both Washington and Baghdad for
his ties to al-Qaeda, Iran, former Saddam regime elements, networks responsible for proliferating
improvised explosive devices in northern Iraq, and various terrorist organizations throughout the

So the guy from Hamas is connected to al-Qaeda, Iran, the Baathists and other "terrorist" network? Why did Levitt fail to mention his well-known (according to our secret un-sourced intelligence) connection to North Korea, Carlos (the former French entertainer) and the Muppet show? His guy is a joke."