Friday, February 08, 2013

It's not just shoe-throwing

Rob sent me this: "I saw you posted another story about the strange propensity of Arab culture to consider shoe-throwing an insult. But, in case you missed it, it's not just shoe throwing that Arabs have strange cultural preoccupations with! David Kirkpatrick of the NYT also reports that those crazy Egyptians consider bodies spilling out of coffins "a serious indignity!" Similarly to your reports about throwing your shoes at friends and neighbors here in the States, I can report that my family took my grandparents for a roll down the hill just before we buried them! Relevant quote and link below:

"It was unclear how the clashes began, but the police were soon firing heavy volleys of tear gas into the funeral march. The gas attacks caused the pallbearers to drop coffins, many witnesses said, and the bodies spilled into the streets, a serious indignity here.""