Saturday, February 02, 2013

Israeli newspaper (and institute) deliberately mistranslates the title and content of an Lebanese editorial

Asa sent me a link to this article in an Israeli newspaper.  But the article is by one of the fiercest anti-Zionist Arabs, Talal Salman, who has been a vocal and consistent advocate for the liberation of Palestine all his life.  His newspaper, As-Safir, is one of the best platforms on Palestine and on coverage of Palestine.  So I became immediately suspicious because I remember reading the article and the title was invented by the Israeli newspaper.  The original title is:  "Israeli Elections from a Lebanese perspective".  But it got worse.  Because I never EVER trust Zionist translations from Arabic (whether from MEMRI or from anyone else), I said to myself check the accuracy of a few lines.  Sure enough, I noticed political editing.    Take this passage (my translation from the original Arabic):  "The Israeli project has succeeded in constructing a strong, central state, and it integrated diasporas of Jews that it had brought from four corners of the earth within the framework of its "state", uniting in its (racist) nationality their many nationalities, and it established a strongly-based society."

لقد تمكن المشروع الإسرائيلي من بناء دولة مركزية قوية، وصهر أشتاتاً من اليهود استقدمهم من أربع رياح الأرض في بوتقة «دولته» موحداً في جنسيته (العنصرية) جنسياتهم المتعددة، وأقام مجتمعاً راسخ البناء.

In the Israeli newspaper, the passage appears thus:  "Because unlike Lebanon, the State of Israel project succeeded in creating a strong, centrist state that promotes a melting pot policy for Jews who came from the four corners of the globe. These Jews were united under Israeli citizenship – which is racist toward the Palestinians – and built a strong society."

Just one example.  I don't have time to do more comparisons.  What I do on this blog should be done by a team of researchers.  Sometimes I realize how big the task is in confronting and refuting Israeli propaganda.  This is a project for a team of people and requires much more than what I blog on a daily bases. But alas I have neither the resources or the time.