Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Israeli censorship

"Early Tuesday, Haaretz published a story about the case on its website with a link to the ABC report, but it was taken down later in the day. In the afternoon, the paper reported about the prime minister’s request, without mentioning the details of the case.
Israeli news outlets are required to submit their work to military censors, and according to one report Tuesday, news organizations were cautioned against running the story.
Liberal politicians criticized the prime minister’s attempt to bury the story, saying censorship does not belong in a democracy. The move also seemed to backfire by generating even more coverage about the attempt to squelch the story.
“Sooner or later, the public will learn what happened; therefore it is better to tell the public the truth, within the confines of security,’’ lawmaker Nahman Shai told Israel’s Ynet Web site."