Monday, February 04, 2013

How the Syrian regime does NOT respond to Israeli attacks

From Ahmet of Tunisia:  "Asad, Elliott Abrams is giving his inside story on 2007 Israeli attack on Syria 's Deir Zoor reactor (Operation Orchard); guess they knew about the Assad Doctrine and what stuff the man is made of, and that still holds true in 2013:

"The Israeli assessment of Syria’s likely reaction was correct. The Israelis believed that if they and we spoke about the strike, Assad might be forced to react to this humiliation by trying to attack Israel. If, however, we all shut up, he might do nothing—nothing at all. He might try to hide the fact that anything had happened. And with every day that passed, the possibility that he would acknowledge the event and fight back diminished. That had been the Israeli theory, and the Israelis knew their man. We maintained silence and so did Israel—no leaks. As the weeks went by, the chances of an Israeli-Syrian confrontation grew slim and then disappeared. Syria has never admitted that there was a reactor at the site.""