Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Fu`ad Sanyurah's letter to Bashshar Al-Asad in 2000

Adam kindly translated the letter of condolence that Fu`ad Sanyurah had written to Bashshar Al-Asad back in 2000 (see the image below):
" I translated the lousy letter by Fouad Siniora. If you like it, you can post it, but please keep me anonymous.

Former minister Fouad Siniora sent a condolences telegram to Bashar Al Assad saying :

We feeled a lot of sorrow and sadness from the death of your gone father the great president Hafez Al Assad who came at the time the Arab nation most needed his leadership, wisdom and perspicacity, as well as his great and dignified positions.

President Assad left in, by his great achievements, unerasable prints on the history of the Arab nation that will remain unshakable in the memory of the generations, he is truly the builder of modern Syria, and he is the one who secured for sisterly Syria during a quarter century internal stability which let her enjoy safety, as well as economic and social security, and allowed her to resist to external conspiracies, and to strengthen the nation and lead it towards the recuperation of it's lands and it's dignity, and to have Syria's word heard and scared, as well as her credibility, on the arab and international level.

Lebanon will not forget president Assad's efforts in order to put an end to the war and the protection of it's unity and security, and the realization of the national harmony, and the sponsoring of rebuilding, and the standing at it's side, and assistance in order to liberate it's violated land, and recovering it's rights."