Wednesday, February 06, 2013

from Angry Arab's secret correspondent in Saudi Arabia

"This is your arm-chair wannabe rep in KSA.

Before I give you my take on certain current events, let me remind you of certain events:

Past Events:

1. Before they officially announced the death of Sh. Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE & Ruler of Abu Dhabi, a number of major changes were announced in the top brass of the country (mostly Sh. Zayed loyalists) in the name of Sh. Zayed. A few days later, his "sudden" death was announced. This saved the incumbent from taking any unpopular decision or pre-empt rebellion or even rebellious thoughts.

2. Similar decisions were made in Saudi Arabia in 2005 just before King Fahad's death was announced.

Present events:

In the past week, a new Deputy PM (#3) was announced. Two Governors were changed (including the Ea$tern province), several other heads have also rolled in the financial sector. The heads of
1. Gov't owned NCB (biggest bank),
2. CMA (eqv SEC),
3. Tadawul (eqv NYSE)
have also been relieved of the posts.

Is this a precursor to a "breaking news"?

Remember, you heard it here first."