Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fraudelence and fabrication by some western reporters on Hizbullah

It has become a phenomenon really.  Western reporters in the Middle East, or Western reporters who briefly visit the Middle East, write long stories about their encounters with Hizbullah "sources" or with Hizbullah "fighters" or commanders.  The phenomenon has become infectious.  Everyone has a story to tell--and they are always damning about Hizbullah--from the mouth of those Hizbullah "insiders" or "fighters" or "commanders".  It just occurred to me why those stories are all fabricated, either by the reporters or by the Lebanese imposters or by both parties for whatever gain.  This is indubitable in my mind.  But last night it hit me: Ibrahim Al-Amin, the communist editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar has more sources in Hizbullah, even within its security-military branch, than any other reporter in Lebanon or beyond.  Yet, there is never ever any story in Al-Akhbar or As-Safir (which also has sources in Hizbullah) which cites "Hizbullah sources" or Hizbullah "commanders", ever.  To be sure, Saudi and Hariri media often have damning stories about Hizbullah  which also are attributed to "Hizbullah sources" or "Hizbullah fighters"  (and the stories are always in the variety of "we are all bunch terrorists", or "we are disgusting sectarians", and those stories generate endless comments of humor on FB or Twitter).  So what I am saying is this: why are those "Hizbullah sources" or "commanders" exclusively talking to the most anti-Hizbullah media there is?  Why don't they talk to media that are at least less hostile than Christian Science Monitor or Time magazine or The Weekly Standard?  There should be an article about articles on Hizbullah in Western media and the scoop imagination and Hariri propaganda office in Beirut.