Friday, February 01, 2013

Ed Koch

So Ed Koch is dead.  Ever since I came to the US in 1983, I have been most annoyed with the favorable coverage of this lousy man who is loved because he is a conservative Democrat.  The media in the US adore a conservative Democrat.  Do you remember the coverage of former Senator Sam Nun or of Senator Al Gore?  But I knew Ed Koch when I came to the US.  I remembered that this lousy Zionist came to Lebanon with the Israeli invading terrorist army in 1982 to show support for the Zionist terrorists.  He visited Lebanon with the occupying force.  I never forgot that, and never forgot that Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden also visited and clowned for the terrorist invaders.  I was once watching C-Span in my home in Washington, DC and saw Koch as a guest on a call-in program.  I was livid.  I kept calling until I got through: and then, I vented for many long minutes and told him what I thought of him.  I thought that he was going to have a heart attack on live TV.  I hung up and ordered Chinese that day: I used to eat (Orange) chicken in those days.  It felt good (both).