Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ed Koch and me: how my memory failed me this time

It is amazing.  I was 28 years-old when I made this call to C-Span (which I had mentioned yesterday here) to protest against Ed Koch.  In my mind, I remembered that I had some airtime.  But I was dead wrong.  They cut me off and would not let me speak except for seconds.  Marc, doing a great investigative work, sent me this message:
"it probably felt like many long minutes, but the host actually cut you off after a few short seconds:  (min 18) nonetheless it was hilarious. the host told you he would hang up on you if you dont have a question on homelessness (the topic of the show) and you said you have a question on palestinian homelessness... and he hung up on you haha. earlier in the show, around minute 7, another caller asked ed koch: if the govt pays for zionists to build houses in palestine, why do you have a problem with the government building houses for the poor and the homeless in america. (from the interviews i watched looking for this video i learned that koch was very anti-public housing, very pro-business) and koch responded by accusing the caller of anti-semitism. a couple minutes later he attacked jesse jackson (who was running for president at the time-1988) for not loving israel as much as him."