Saturday, February 02, 2013

C J Chivers (the former US Marine) on Abdul-Qadir Salih of Tawhid

What a piece.  What a piece of journalism this is.   Like everything you read on Syria in the Western press, pure propaganda.   Meet this moderate rebel commander, with whom the West can do business:  "Mr. Saleh’s long-term intentions are not entirely clear. He says he is focused solely on winning the war, and promotes a tolerant pluralistic vision for the future. He is also openly aligned with Al Nusra Front...He later joined the Dawa religious movement as a missionary. He traveled abroad, including, one of his brothers said, to Jordan, Turkey and Bangladesh, where he taught and studied Islam and invited people to hear the call to faith."  Wow.  I am sure that a man of this background would ensure that Syria develop along secular and democratic lines.  But Mr. Chivers failed to mention that Mr. Saleh stands accused of murdering "Abu Furat", a rival.  2) Mr. Chivers does not mention that Mr. Saleh is an advocate of executions although he believes that methods of executions could be improved.  (No more cutting off of limbs and no more chopping off of bodies, I presume).  And typical of many Western journalists and academics who don't know Arabic, Mr. Chivers offers some tips on Arabic translation:  "His battlefield name, Hajji Marea, roughly translated, means “the respectable man from Marea.”"  What on earth is that? Respectable man from Marea?  And what on earth is Marea?  Is that supposed to be Arabic?  And what is Hajji?  Arabs don't use Hajji but Turks do.  I am sick and tired of the anthology of errors and mistakes contained in all Western mainstream articles on the Middle East.