Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bahrain Update

From Angry Arab's chief correspondent on Bahrain:
"You of course heard of the Bahraini teenager, Hussain AlJazairi that was killed during protests commemorating the anniversary of the February 14 uprising.  Protests have grown in size the past month or so and Bahrain has been back in the news again (well comparatively speaking).  Whenever that happens you can be sure that the government will uncover a new "terrorist plot."  This one is apparently backed by none other than the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (which seem to be everywhere these days).   Now I don't know much about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard but I'm guessing they are much more sophisticated than whatever the Bahraini regime has managed to cook up this time.  It would be funny except that 8 people have been arrested as a result.  The terrorist network also has a facebook page apparently, called Sayara AlQuds or something like that.  In case you were confused over how the revolutionary guard is in control of this terrorist operation, the AlWatan newspaper, which is close to the Minister of the Royal Court Khalid Bin Ahmad AlKhalifa has created this handy diagram for us to enjoy
Meanwhile the dialogue between opposition groups and pro-regime groups (moderated by the government) is still taking place although two pro-regime groups (the Muslim Brotherhood and some other pro-regime Islamist group) backed out because of the protests on the streets (which of course the opposition has no control over).  Also Shaikh AlMahmood of the National Unity Gathering (pro-regime umbrella group) has said that an elected government is a red line that they cannot accept - I'm not sure why since they claim to be a majority.  Apparently on February 21st (I believe?) there will be a pro-regime rally organized by the National Unity Gathering in AlFateh mosque (political rallies in mosques seem to only be illegal if they are anti-regime)."