Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bahrain Update II

From the chief correspondent, again:
"This is an interesting post about AlKhalifa and Camels which as I have frequently explained to people were brought in by the AlKhalifa tribe and are not part of Bahrain's indigenous culture: 

The issue he brings up in the end concerning land reclamation and Bahrain's declining fishing stock deserves a post of its own. Omar AlShehabi writes about it here focusing on the effect land reclamation has Bahrain's traditional lifestyles. Its in arabic and I wish Jadaliyya would translate it: 

Two good articles I want to point out. This one discusses political naturalization in Bahrain  and this one (in arabic) concerning the rich history of Bahrain's labor movement: 

Also, here's a picture of a cat braving the tear gassed streets of Bahrain 

And here's another example of the lying Bahraini press".